Our Sponsors

Why do you have sponsors?

Velocity started as a project of passion for a while, but with growing awareness and usage it is time for us to grow and get on a more stable financial footing. Because of this, we have sought and received sponsorships from servers that use Velocity and wish to contribute to the ongoing development of the project.

Velocity will always remain open source - but we need help to allow us to keep developing Velocity. We have not lost focus of what we are focusing on. Our sponsors help make Velocity stronger and are strongly vested in its success.

Who are the sponsors, exactly, and what are they providing?

The main thing we ask of our sponsors is that they must be strongly committed to the success of the Velocity project.


Mineteria is the social Minecraft network with minigames and housing. Mineteria has been using Velocity in production since its early days - in fact, since November 2018, just a few months after the project started. Their support and embrace of Velocity helped us move towards our very first stable release (1.0.0) in June 2019.

Mineteria has kindly provided us with the opportunity to test new Velocity features using a real-world test and production environment. In addition, by employing one of the Velocity developers (Andrew/Tux), they allow him to work on Velocity at least part-time.

Voldex Services

Voldex Services is the operator of Minecraft networks such as TheArchon and PrimeMC. Voldex Services kindly pays for all the infrastructure hosting Velocity's project services, such as our forums and Jenkins instance, hosted on DigitalOcean.

Want to sponsor Velocity?

We welcome sponsorship offers from others. All sponsorship offers will be carefully considered, but only those we judge as beneficial to the project and whom we believe are strongly committed to the success of Velocity will be accepted. In essence, the onus is on you to prove your sponsorship will help us.

If you think you meet our requirements and would like to be considered, email velocitysteinborn.me. Tell us who you are, and how you can assist the project (whether that is by providing resources or monetary contributions).

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