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Velocity is the ridiculously scalable, flexible Minecraft proxy.

Getting started

It is simple to get started with Velocity.

I need help!

If you need some help with Velocity, please seek help in the following places:

📖 This Wiki

We have put a lot of effort into documenting Velocity as much as possible with our new website and our coverage will continue to expand. We strongly encourage you to check the sidebar of the wiki for relevant resources. Helping yourself using the resources in this wiki saves all of us time.

We recommend you visit the frequently-asked questions to begin your search. Most common issues with Velocity are answered there.

Please do not be offended if we respond to your question linking back here. Asking us a question already answered in the documentation doesn't help anyone.

💬 Our Discord

If you have searched the wiki and didn't find the answer to your question, then it is time to join our Discord to ask your question.

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